@MicrosoftHelps In Europe I only found natural keyboard 4000 model b2m-00006, but no shop provides an actual image, could you provide one?
About me

Me My name is José Luis Lafuente. I'm a computer engineer from Spain, but I'm living currently in Vienna, Austria. At this moment I'm working on some open source projects. For programming, I use mainly C++, QT, Java and sometimes Python, but like many developers, I'm quick to pick up any language I need to. I'm always looking for new projects and opportunities, if you have any request, please don't hesitate to contact me.

About Japeto

I created this web site because I wanted to publish some tutorials I have written about Linux, servers and web applications. Most of them are just a reference for me. But I hope, they are also useful for other people. After some time, I also added some information about open source projects which I'm working on.

By the way, Japeto is the Spanish name for Iapetus, a moon of Saturn.