@MicrosoftHelps In Europe I only found natural keyboard 4000 model b2m-00006, but no shop provides an actual image, could you provide one?

How to load a kernel module in Linux

Normally, after install the OS (Debian in my case), you don't have sudo access. This is a common but easy to solve situation

Sometimes when I run the ssh command I get this error:

After a year, I decided sell my QNAP server and build a new server. The main reason was the Linux distribution, while in many distributions is easy install a new package, in the QNAP distribution, if the package is not supported, the installation is painful. And not many packages are supported.

After almost a year with my QNAP TS-509, I decided update the firmware. I am always a little worried with the firmware updates, but in this case specially because I had installed some packages (like amule and openssh) and I was not sure about what can happen after the update.